Employee spotlight: a chat with Chris Muir

SAGE Group, Published: July 5, 2019 - Updated: January 16, 2020

SAGE Group's General Manager of Asset Operations, Chris Muir, joined SAGE in 2018 as part of SAGE's strategic shift towards boosting organisational support services to businesses.


When he's not at work managing client assets, Chris is busy spending time with his family - which was a key factor in his decision to join the company due to its large focus on work-life balance.


Name: Chris Muir


Role: General Manager, Asset Operations


Length of time at SAGE: 1 year





Video transcript: 


Hi, I'm Chris Muir. I'm the National Manager for Asset Operations, which involves looking at the ongoing performance of our client's assets.

Since I've been at SAGE I've worked on a few things, probably the most memorable is really where we're looking to move around organisational support to our clients, and I think the ability to be able to provide that sort of change management and support is an exciting direction of the business.

I've found SAGE fantastic, it's a very, very interesting place, great people and an organisation that's going through great change at the moment. It's a very, I think, proactive and innovative culture.

So outside of work, obviously one of my great passions is basketball, the other passion is really just being around my family. I have a small family and love doing things together with them whether it be camping, going to the movies and yeah, just doing family things.

SAGE is a great work-life balance, I think partly with my role it's just very flexible times, and a chance for me to be a father to my family and also pursue a professional career.


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