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SAGE Group is a specialist industrial services provider and working alongside some of Australia’s most iconic brands, we combine the best thinking with world-leading technology to accelerate your digital journey.



Being a leader in accelerating the digital journey of key industries, we have developed expertise and breakthrough results across seven key sectors.


Our Companies

Across our suite of companies SAGE offers end to end project consultancy, delivery, industry best expertise to digitise your business.



Environmental. Social. Governance.


Environmental, Social, Governance – ESG

At SAGE Group, we are committed to creating a smarter future, better world for our customers, communities, and people.

Through our various environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives and policies, we do our part to improve environmental and societal challenges while simultaneously continuing to deliver growth in our business.



We care for the world we live in, which is why we are committed to operating an environmentally sustainable business and supporting our customers to do the same.

To help systematically reduce our impacts on the environment, SAGE maintains an Environmental Management System, certified to ISO14001. We foster an environmental culture across our business through integration and communication at all levels.

To support sustainable business operations, we remain committed to:

As an organisation, SAGE remains committed to developing offerings that support our clients as they improve operational efficiencies and work to reduce their overall carbon footprint. Notably, we’ve worked on Australia’s largest renewable microgrid project, as well as implementing electric vehicle-charging infrastructure in various locations around Australia.

In March 2023, as an accolade to our commitment to our ESG mission SAGE Automation was awarded the Schneider Electric Sustainability Impact Award for the Pacific region, for its industry-leading development of a communications solution for monitoring and control of an extensive solar energy system. 



SAGE is committed to providing a safe, flexible, and respectful environment for everyone, free from all forms of discrimination, bullying and harassment. Our Equal Opportunity principles foster a strong team environment and enable people to do their best work. SAGE Group values and promotes a culture where we celebrate the benefits of gender diversity, equity and equality.

SAGE Group will continue to build upon our existing diversity and inclusion initiatives to ensure a dynamic working environment. In addition to applying consistent, ethical decision-making for employment opportunities, our recruitment and internal development practices aim to attract and retain diverse talent.

SAGE Group employees are invited to get involved in initiatives that foster change and wellbeing in our workplaces and wider communities. Some of our initiatives include Our Reconciliation Action Plan, Reward and Recognition Programs and We Can Program. SAGE Group also has a dedicated Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee who provide feedback from our broader team to develop DEI initiatives that matter most to our people.

Developing accessible, inclusive solutions

When developing SAGE technologies, we ensure they are accessible and inclusive of the wider audience by consulting with diverse communities, and people of differing needs.

Engaging in regular dialogue around accessibility is done in conjunction with reputable groups, such as the Royal Society for the Blind.



The SAGE Group companies are 100% owned by people who work in the business today. Our leadership stands by our value of doing what we say we will do. In addition, SAGE’s corporate vision for a “Smarter Future, Better World” is underpinned by creating a secure, safer and more sustainable future.

In support of this mission, some of the measures we take include:

>  Our key suppliers are required to comply with our Corporate Responsibility Charter to ensure they comply with all laws in the countries in which they operate.

> We comply with reporting obligations under modern slavery laws in Australia. SAGE produces an annual Modern Slavery Statement to identify the risks of modern slavery in its supply chain and operations, as well as the steps taken to respond to the risks identified.

>  SAGE Group has a Whistleblower Policy which allows staff and contractors to report cases of serious wrongdoing in the company safely and with the knowledge that they will be protected from any adverse consequences if making the disclosure.

>  Our Privacy Policy sets out the way SAGE handles personal information it collects or receives from individuals.

>  SAGE Group embeds and ensures cyber resilience and security across our business. We do this by employing risk- based principles and a culture where “Security is Everyone’s Responsibility”. The overall objective is to continually mature resiliency and protect our people, resources, and facilities from known and emerging threats.

>  We invest in defence-in-depth to ensure our digital economy is safe and secure. Furthermore, we continue to collaborate with our partners and customers to champion critical infrastructure’s resilience.


ESG news

State Government injects six- figure funding into SA-H2H Hydrogen Technology Cluster

South Australia’s Hydrogen Technology Cluster (SA-H2H) open their office in Tonsley’s Main Assembly Building within the SAGE Innovation Hub, enabling greater collaboration with energy innovators to deliver hydrogen supply-chain scale.

Open Arcade brings accessible playing experience to the city

SAGE’s smart technology is providing a digital experience known as Open Arcade: Gaming for everyone, a winning entry in the City of Melbourne’s Emerging Technology Testbed ‘Reimaging the City’ Challenge.

SAGE Automation named a Schneider Electric Sustainability Impact Award winner.

SAGE Automation has been awarded the Schneider Electric Sustainability Impact Award for the Pacific region, for its industry-leading development of a communications solution for monitoring and control of an extensive solar energy system.