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SAGE Group is a specialist industrial services provider and working alongside some of Australia’s most iconic brands, we combine the best thinking with world-leading technology to accelerate your digital journey.



Being a leader in accelerating the digital journey of key industries, we have developed expertise and breakthrough results across seven key sectors.


Our Companies

Across our suite of companies SAGE offers end to end project consultancy, delivery, industry best expertise to digitise your business.


Workplace Health & Safety.


Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

SAGE has an Integrated Management System (IMS) for health, safety, environment, and quality (HSEQ) that has been implemented to consistently provide quality products and services to meets our customer requirements. In the delivery of these quality products and services, SAGE manages health and safety, minimises adverse impacts on the environment and achieves customer satisfaction while maintaining sustainable business operations, including continual improvement and the prevention of non-conformity.

The IMS documentation covers all the elements for the 3 standards ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 as well as legislative requirements for both Work Health & Safety and Environment.

SAGE’s HSEQ vision is set out in the following Policy:

Health & Safety Management

SAGE aspires to zero harm to people and to support this, we are certified to ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management system by DQS Certification.

Leadership has implemented a proactive, preventative approach to health & safety, where a culture of “safety is a shared responsibility” is promoted. This safety culture is instilled across our business and begins with worker corporate inductions and contractor pre-qualification.

All workers including contractors are then given site specific inductions as required and prior to commencement of any job, a Job Safety and Environmental Analysis (JSEA) is completed which may also include other safe systems of work such as SWMS or work permits. In addition, all workers are made fully aware of the Hazard Reporting System and communicated on safety matters through various meetings and the IMS Monthly Report.

Importantly, at SAGE we ensure all our workers are suitably trained and supervised to ensure the delivery of high-quality work that is undertaken in a safe manner.


Environmental and Sustainability Management

SAGE is certified to ISO 14001 Environmental management systems by DQS Certification and has been since August 2010. We are committed to operating an environmentally sustainable business and meeting our customer’s needs while minimising any adverse environmental impacts.

We foster an environmental culture across our business through integration and communication at all levels. SAGE is committed to maintaining sustainable business operations and our key initiatives include:


Quality Management

SAGE’s vision is to be a world leader in industrial control, automation systems, specialist training and consulting services for a diverse range of industries. We are driven by SAGE’s mission to make a positive impact in its work, to make a smarter future and a better world for everyone.

SAGE is certified to ISO 9001 Quality management systems by DQS Certification. We have been certified to ISO 9001 since 1997. SAGE is also the largest certified member of the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) in Australia <<the world>>. CSIA’s Best Practice and Benchmark certification covers all automation business processes including finance, sales, marketing, project execution, technical execution and quality assurance.

All our internal business delivery systems are designed to meet benchmarks representing the best practices of international control system integrators.

SAGE has additionally achieved supplier pre-qualification by meeting stringent requirements with leading supplier management organisations such as Avetta, ISNetworld and Cm3.


Certifications and Memberships