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SAGE Group is a specialist industrial services provider and working alongside some of Australia’s most iconic brands, we combine the best thinking with world-leading technology to accelerate your digital journey.



Being a leader in accelerating the digital journey of key industries, we have developed expertise and breakthrough results across seven key sectors.


Our Companies

Across our suite of companies SAGE offers end to end project consultancy, delivery, industry best expertise to digitise your business.


Smart Cities.


Smart Cities
Smarter, safer, and digitally connected public spaces and future mobility.

Blending the best advanced technology and software solutions, SAGE smart cities solutions hand you the power for data- driven decision making and resource management to solve critical challenges such as data visibility and analysis, data sovereignty and security, resource planning, safety and accessibility, traffic congestion, and future mobility.

Ideal for road and transport authorities, local councils, and construction and economic development projects, SAGE smart cities solutions optimise resource management and increases public accountability by building a digital connection between you and the community you serve.

With thousands of IoT devices in every state and territory across Australia, SAGE smart cities provide a national network of unrivalled data enabling smarter decision making for communities and road networks.

Choose one or more of our smart cities software solutions to start driving change today.


Our smart cities solutions at a glance


Our smart cities solutions include:


Improve resource management, reduce waste, improve efficiencies, and more effectively address community needs with SAGE Edge.

SAGE Edge enables collection of meaningful data, including transport travel time data, tourism pedestrian data and general IoT data management – so you can make better decisions.

Combine the best smart cities solutions that suit your needs and start your unique SAGE JOURNi. Merge operational excellence with the best public experience through our integrated, tailor-made suite of scalable smart cities solutions, ideal for public transport network operators and local councils.


Centralised Monitoring & Management System (CMMS)

SAGE CMMS is a module-based system allowing for remote monitoring of the performance and operations of IoT devices. User-friendly and customisable, you’ll be able to automate, report faults, and schedule the IoT solutions SAGE deploys to suit your needs.

SAGE Centralised Data and Analytics Platform

The SAGE centralised platform provides data transparency in your business, allowing staff without data science backgrounds to explore and develop insightful reports on business operations and performance. With access to over 300 API Endpoints, we work with our customers to adapt this solution to make better decisions.

Smart Cities Dashboards

SAGE Smart Cities Dashboards enable the web-based visualisation of complex data captured by a range of IoT devices. Start analysing data more efficiently and make decisions accordingly.


Harness the Internet of Things (IoT) to solve the most challenging issues in public spaces by developing a smart cities ecosystem through a digitally connected community.

Integrate a range of IoT devices and connected software solutions to deliver real-time information, gather meaningful data using advanced, affordable smart technology, increasing accessibility and safety.

Includes: Visitor Analytics, Sensor Analytics, Vision Analytics, Digital Interactive Screens, and Smart Signs.


Create a safer road user experience and tackle the first-mile last-mile challenge through our smart cities’ intersections offering.

SAGE’s intersection solutions support future-proofed roads, reduced incidents and congestion, and increased accessibility.

Includes: Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS), Rural Junction Advanced Warning System (RJAWS), Level Crossing Advanced Warning System (LCAWS), Autonomous Vehicles (AVs), Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I), Smart School and Wombat Crossings.


Featured projects

SAGE lead major smart cities upgrade for iconic South Australian precinct

Working with principal contractor BMD, SAGE identified and implemented opportunities to deliver a space which would employ efficient use of space and energy, while adding community-focused designs for the precinct.

Smart school zone teaching drivers to be more alert around crossings

SAGE Automation designed, built and installed radars to standard school zone signage to detect vehicles approaching the school zone and their speed. A number of ultrasonic pedestrian detection bollards are also used to detect the presence of pedestrians within the school zone.

Fire detection case study

SAGE delivered a smart cities solution for a manufacturing client to enable remote fire detection and suppression to enhance safety and prevent damage on-site.

Paul Markwick

Head of Smart Cities & Future Mobility

Paul Markwick

Head of Smart Cities & Future Mobility