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Being a leader in accelerating the digital journey of key industries, we have developed expertise and breakthrough results across seven key sectors.


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Across our suite of companies SAGE offers end to end project consultancy, delivery, industry best expertise to digitise your business.


Cyber Security.


Cyber Security
Securely engineered for a smarter, safer world

In recent years, businesses have needed to adapt to technologies that are changing at break-neck speed. As a result companies have had to rethink the ways they reconnect systems, collaborate online and convey information.

At SAGE Group we fully understand the risks and the challenges you face in protecting your assets. Cyber securing Industrial Automation and Control Systems represents a significant challenge within today’s complex industrial and service infrastructures. It is essential to defend these critical environments against a cyber-attack.

SAGE Group embeds cyber resilience into the projects and solutions we deliver across multiple industry sectors. As a leader in industrial automation and digitalisation, SAGE Group is in a unique position to deliver cybersecurity strategy and implementation solutions underpinned by our many years of experience in operational technology.

We can be with you on every step of the journey, from early-stage planning, architecture, design, implementation, operation, and refinement.


Our cyber security framework


Ensuring cyber resilience

SAGE Group is committed to our reputation of being an innovative, safe and reliable company to work with.

Protect your ASSETS: operational, digital and data
Protect your operational assets from experiencing downtime due to digital cyber interference.
Modernise your security
Evolve critical operational systems to increase security. Mitigate risks across your OT environments.
Align your business risk and security strategy
A modern cybersecurity strategy must include consideration of risks to protect vulnerable safety/ mission control systems.



A clear security vision ensures every action becomes a purposeful step towards your goals.


To start any journey you must know where you are versus where you want to be. Where is your cyber security, really?


Taking thoughtful actions and a strategic approach to investment, mitigates your risks and ensures greater confidence.


Featured projects

New cyber security strategy calls for joint effort
The global pivot to Work From Anywhere (WFA) has thrust cyber security to the top of the agenda with unforeseen speed.
Smart grids and cyber security
Our world is rapidly digitising to the extent that cyber security is now a part of our modern lives and part of modern language.
Meet Mal Frampton – SAGE Group Cyber Security Consultant
A full-time SAGE Group team member, Mal ensures SAGE is across all aspects of cyber security. As a 22 year Defence veteran with experience across a multitude of communication and information systems.

Jeremy Hulse

Executive General Manager – Cybersecurity