Employee spotlight: a chat with Russell Hartup

SAGE Group , Mar 18, 2019 2:59:46 PM

SAGE Senior Control Systems Engineer Russell Hartup has been working at SAGE for nearly 12 years. And when he’s not engineering solutions during work hours, he’s making people laugh - moonlighting as a comedian in his spare time.


Name: Russell Hartup


Role: Senior Control Systems Engineer


Length of time at SAGE: 11 years



Why do you enjoy working at SAGE?


There are great people who work at the company, they’re a lot of fun, they’re really good at their job and it’s a really good environment to just be better. And I really like the diversity of our clients, like, we can work in anything from infrastructure to water, food and beverage which is amazing, to infrastructure and Intelligent Transport systems (ITS) where I find myself a lot of the time.

Do you have any interests outside of work?

I am a stand-up comedian if you can believe it or not. My wife actually signed me up for my first gig without me knowing. She organised six of my friends to go down to a comedy night, I just thought we going to go see some comedy and she signed me up, the little bugger (laughs). The show is about how my life is changing now that I’m becoming a father for the first time and how that actually just shapes my life now.

Where do you see SAGE heading in the future?

So, in the future I see SAGE pushing more into leading edge and product development and really establishing ourselves, globally, as a major contributor in innovation and automation, especially in the ITS and infrastructure range with the introduction of autonomous shuttles and the trials happening around Australia. It’s a huge opportunity for myself and my career to be part of this you know, ‘new’ industry that’s appearing out of nowhere.


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