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The reliable delivery of utilities, such as water, electricity and gas, is vital to sustaining our population, particularly for those in remote communities. Industrial operators need to be able to manage demand and supply while maintaining economic efficiency. Australia has some of the toughest environments in the world, and so securing reliable delivery means careful around-the-clock monitoring and management.

SAGE Group is an experienced and valued supplier to the Australian utilities industry. SAGE Group is proud to be innovating for, and investing in, a more reliable and affordable future of utilities. Our nationwide presence demonstrates our commitment to enhancing the performance of utility assets that are part of this future focus. 

Within the business and across our brands, we have developed a delivery model and specialist team to support projects in the water, gas and electricity fields with innovative system integration and technology. Across each of our brands, SAGE provides end-to-end project delivery to support the utilities sector. Our work sees us finding innovative solutions to improve efficiencies and minimise risks to utilities infrastructure projects throughout Australia.


SAGE Group

Providing a comprehensive suite of services to industrial operators, SAGE has four specialist business units who combine their expertise to support clients to lead into the future, with the perfect balance of technology, process and capability.

SAGE Automation 

Utility organisations have an increasing need to remotely manage and monitor facilities, particularly those in isolated locations. Many of these facilities are ageing, and may have only undergone minor upgrades over their lifetimes. SAGE Automation provides major upgrades to these facilities, delivering end-to-end monitoring, control and safety automation solutions that ensure system reliability for utilities and their end users. Some of our capabilities include:

  • Water catchment and storage
  • Water treatment
  • Water transfer and delivery
  • Reliable energy supply
  • Energy monitoring and management systems


SAGE Automation can also supply innovative fit-for-purpose solutions to any challenge, no matter how big. 

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Predictive Analytics-Nukon



Nukon’s utilities solutions are geared to do one thing: to help you get the most out of your data. Chances are you already have data, but it may be either historical and ad hoc, or scattered across business operations. Nukon can help you establish a network of data points to provide:

  • Greater accuracy, transparency and clarity
  • Confidence that the data can be trusted as your single source of truth
  • Predictive analytics to identify and mitigate potential issues before they happen
  • Productivity gains
  • Reduced administrative costs


With extensive experience across the utilities sector, the Nukon team will always deliver an exceptional outcome.  Learn more about how Nukon's utilities solutions could benefit your business 

Skills Lab

Skills Lab has developed specific training programs for the utilities sector - equipping them with the skills and knowledge to create a smarter, safer future and a better world. Training is structured to allow teams to manage their workload while our trainers prepare them, and your organisation, for future challenges.

Learners have access to the best thinking in industrial automation with world-class training platforms to put key learnings into practice. Skills Lab offers flexible delivery methods, training clients onsite, in our dedicated labs or via our virtual face-to-face training capability.

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Skills Lab-Utilities





Embedded Expertise 

To face the changing landscape of the utilities sector companies must learn how to design, engineer, commission and manage smart utilities systems such as water, oil and gas and energy infrastructure assets and processes and regulatory requirements. 

The talent pool of experienced engineers in this area is extremely small and to meet the demand for a sustainable supply, employers are increasingly turning to project-based employment models to fill the skills gap. Embedded Expertise matches high-calibre technical expertise with the clients who need them – fast.

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