Transport Solutions for a Smarter Future, Better World

Leading edge transport solutions are vital to addressing the challenges many cities face, as the world’s population and transport needs steadily increase. Transport and smart cities initiatives are about moving people and goods more efficiently, affordably and sustainably in our cities, and SAGE is proud to be investing in this future.

SAGE delivers and develops technologies that enable accessible and integrated transport systems of the future. This involves future-proofing our road networks with the best intelligent transport systems and communicative data technologies of today, and preparing for the onset of future technologies such as autonomous vehicles.

Providing a comprehensive suite of services to the transport industry, SAGE has four specialist business units, combining their expertise to support the industry lead into the future, with the perfect balance of technology, process and capability.


SAGE Group Brands

Providing a comprehensive suite of services to industrial operators, SAGE has four specialist business units who combine their expertise to support clients to lead into the future, with the perfect balance of technology, process and capability.

SAGE Automation 

SAGE Automation’s solutions help improve end-user experience, reduce life cycle costs, lessen environmental impact, and prepare our transport systems for future technologies. SAGE has extensive experience working with clients to deliver transport automation and control systems that are tailored to the location and goals of the project. Harnessing the latest technologies and industry partnerships, we work with our clients towards common goals, whether they be reducing road congestion, improving traffic management systems or future-proofing corridors for future technologies. SAGE’s Transport Sector delivers solutions across 6 sub-sectors:

  • Major Infrastructure Projects
  • Congestion Management
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Intermodal Transport
  • Smart City Innovations
  • Operations and Maintenance.


The SAGE Edge device, an industrial IoT communications gateway, is industry-leading technology that delivers valuable insight in multiple applications. Already in use by local government, road authorities and tourism operators, the device provides critical data for travel times, traffic data and Smart City capabilities. SAGE also delivers end-to-end rail projects across freight, passenger rolling stock, PMCS tunnel control systems integration, light rail, safety and yard maintenance and improving the passenger experience. Find out more about our SAGE Automation’s Transport solutions here. 



The future of Transport

SAGE is continually striving to make the world a smarter and safer place to live in. So our smart transport engineers decided to create a 'smarter transit hub' or bus stop - that is fully integrated with Local Motors' autonomous shuttle 'Olli'. Together, Olli and Matilda are designed to make life easier for those who are vision or hearing impaired.

In this video, SAGE Automation's General Manager for Transport Damian Hewitt introduces you to the technology and some of its key features, during a six month trial at Glenelg in South Australia. 

Read more about how autonomous vehicles and the intelligent transport hub Matilda are part of the future of transport. 

Skills Lab

Skills Lab has developed training programs specific for the transport sector - equipping them with the skills and knowledge to create a smarter, safer future and a better world. Training is structured so that teams can manage workloads while being prepared for future challenges and accessing industry-experienced trainers.

Learners are connected with expertise in industrial automation and world-class training platforms to put key learnings into practice. Skills Lab trainers can meet clients onsite, deliver training in our dedicated labs or via our virtual face-to-face training capability.

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Embedded Expertise 

The ongoing changes to the transport sector and the increase in population means companies must learn how to plan, design and engineer communities of the future.

Australia’s pool of engineers with extensive experience in this area is small, and in order to meet the demand for these skills, employers are increasingly turning to project-based employment models. Mounting time pressures and demand spikes mean companies need a fast solution to their candidate needs, one that can hit the ground running. Embedded Expertise matches high-calibre technical expertise with the clients who need them.


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