Reconciliation Action Plan: Reflect

We are on a mission to make our organisation smarter, safer and more inclusive.

In May 2021, the SAGE Group of companies officially launched our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). This 12-month plan is designed to prepare our organisation for reconciliation initiatives now and in successive RAPs.

SAGE’s vision for this Reconciliation Action Plan is for our organisation and our people to continue building a diverse and inclusive work culture, built on mutual respect and trust. 

We have developed this Reconciliation Action Plan to demonstrate our commitment to creating stronger relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities, seeking out opportunities to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders and communities on mutually beneficial projects and initiatives.

Our artwork

SAGE Group commissioned Jordan Lovegrove of Karko Creations to produce an original artwork showing SAGE on a journey, taking the world to a brighter, smarter future.


The patterned sky distinctly featured in the piece indicates that despite being spread across a vast distance, we all live under one sky and there is no limit to our growth and expansion.

The central meeting place is representative of the business and the people who are central to the company journey.

The pathways running alongside the meeting place show a journey, with symbols along the pathway to reflect the people involved at each stage.

To the bottom of the image are patterned backgrounds that reflect the country and different communities, each touched by SAGE Group’s innovations and work. Within these communities are smaller meeting places and smaller pathways, an acknowledgement of SAGE’s link to the many projects and solutions people connect within their daily lives.

Watch the artwork explainer video below:

HubSpot Video

SAGE Group General Manager of People and Culture, Lesley Marchioro, speaks with artist Jordan Lovegrove about the story behind the SAGE Group artwork. 

We aspire to lead the way and be a source of influence for our customers, our stakeholders, our partners, and our people in achieving true reconciliation for First Nations peoples.

SAGE Group Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan