The vision of creating a smarter future and a better world has been the focus at SAGE since its humble beginnings. The SAGE team consistently challenge the norm and pioneer new ways to automate and simplify processes, enabling SAGE to be at the forefront of Industry 4.0. 

In recent years, businesses have needed to adapt to technologies that are changing at break-neck speed. As a result, companies have had to rethink ways that they reconnect systems, collaborate online and convey information. 

With clients in manufacturing, resources, defence, utilities and critical infrastructure, SAGE’s mission is to ensure smarter, safer and more sustainable solutions for our clients and this encompasses ensuring cyber resilience. 

Mal Frampton is SAGE’s cyber security consultant, joining SAGE full-time to lead the cyber security team. Together, the team determines the cyber worthiness considerations of projects and supports cyber resilience within the SAGE business. 

Mal Frampton

Meet Mal Frampton - SAGE Group Cyber Security Consultant

A full-time SAGE Group team member, Mal ensures SAGE is across all aspects of cyber security. As a 22 year Defence veteran with experience across a multitude of communication and information systems, Mal has worked alongside and collaborated with multinational agencies in the Defence sector as a Cyber Security Specialist for the past 8 years.

Check out the video below to learn a little about Mal and how he is ensuring smarter, safer projects for clients.



Embedding cyber resilience into the systems and projects we deliver, SAGE Group is committed to our reputation of being an innovative,  safe and reliable company to work with. 

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Protect your digital assets and data

Protect against data loss and costly downtime 

Modernise your security 

Update critical IT systems for increased security. Mitigate risk of update conflicts to OT environments 

Align your business and security strategy

A modern security strategy should include consideration of risks to protect vulnerable systems. 


The SAGE National Operations team can help our clients work through disaster recovery of their systems, making sure they have backups and plans if their systems need to be restored from a major breach or failure.  SAGE has helped many businesses recover from updates to their IT systems that have caused downtime due to operational system conflicts. We'd much prefer to be helping clients avoid downtime all together by putting in place an effective update plan that mitigates risk.

Contact us via the form here to have a discussion with our technical team on your update plan. 




Helpful Links 

Below are a list of helpful links that encompass common and vendor-specific threat feeds that can help you to stay across cyber threats for your company.

ACSC Alerts & Advisories

US-CERT Alerts & Bulletins

US-CERT ICS Specific Alerts & Advisories

NIST National Vulnerability Database

MITRE Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure List (Twitter Feed)

Microsoft Security Bulletins

CISCO Security Advisories

Rockwell Security Alerts & Advisories (Subscription Required)

Schneider Electric Security Notifications

Siemens Security Advisories




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