Leading the way for Industry 4.0

SAGE is a global group with a team of 450 people across three continents, 13 offices and five companies. Every one of us shares the same commitment to making our world smarter, safer and more sustainable.  Our people are a performance-driven extension of our clients’ teams, driven to solve complex problems and create previously unimaginable opportunities.

Each SAGE company has their own area of expertise, from capacity building, strategy and design to cutting-edge technological and digital solutions. Together we drive enormous progress for our clients, combining the best thinking with the Internet of Things to reduce error, improve efficiency and increase safety.

SAGE clients are world leaders in innovation, manufacturing, resources, utilities and infrastructure. By supporting them to innovate, modernise, digitise and improve how they do things, we deliver significant gains across efficiency, safety, cost savings, quality and performance.

We feel honoured to lead the way for Industry 4.0 and we’d love you to join us.


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Where it all began

SAGE started in the backyard shed of South Australian Andrew Downs. He was soon joined by a team of talented engineers and tradespeople, many of which still form today’s SAGE leadership team.

Andrew started SAGE for all the right reasons; he simply felt that things could be done better.  This remains true for SAGE today as we strive to create a smarter future and better world.



Making our mark on the world

Whilst remaining privately owned, SAGE has grown, diversified and carved out a large footprint across Australia and overseas.  Our work is showcased around the world and our team are sought-after members of leading international boards and organisations.

Smart. Ambitious. Genuine. Exceptional

Whilst some things have changed, we have stayed close to the culture with which we began. SAGE still attracts smart, passionate, dedicated people who deliver the best thinking and the best outcomes for our clients. Our people enjoy challenging careers filled with opportunities to travel, grow and change the future.

SAGE Group Leadership Team

Adrian Fahey
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Adrian Fahey is Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer and Director of SAGE Group. Adrian’s history with SAGE spans over twenty-two years, during which time he has been instrumental in the growth of the business from a South Australian business, to a national and now a global business.

Adrian has lead the businesses transformation strategy from industrial automation company to a Digital Company. The SAGE group now spans the services of industrial automation, digitisation and data analytics, resource management, asset operation and skills development.

Adrian holds a number of Board and Council positions in industry, association and private companies both domestically and internationally, including the Global Control System Integrator’s Association (CSIA).

Adrian Spencer

Adrian joined SAGE in 2017 to fill the new role of COO.  Adrian brings new thinking to our team and our clients, drawing on 25 years of managing large-scale industrial and defence service contracts and projects. Adrian enjoys implementing innovative contractual and commercial solutions and with this, we welcome him to the team.

Dion Draper

Dion is responsible for all the financial and administration requirements of the SAGE Group, ensuring the SAGE Group has the financial resources to execute its strategic priorities. Dion and his team work tirelessly to provide a sound business from which our clients, suppliers and our people can depend upon. With over 25 years’ experience as a finance professional, he is well equipped to oversee finance processes, regulatory compliance, financial reporting and group performance.

Virginia Williams
General Manager, Embedded Expertise

Virginia Williams spearheads Embedded Expertise, drawing upon 20 years of recruitment experience in technical fields, spanning several top-tier firms in the UK and Australia. Virginia is a firm believer in finding talent that brings the exact mix of deep industry and technical experience blended with a strong cultural fit for every client.

Alec Konyenburg
Managing Director, Nukon

Alec leads the talented Nukon team who take a data-driven approach to operational technology transformation. Alec and his team enable their clients by providing a acomplete whole-of-business view: from operations right through to IT, the shop floor, engineering and beyond..

Laura Mabikafola
General Manager, Skills Lab

Laura brings to Skills Lab, 22 years in the people industry, leading significant Human Resources and recruitment businesses. Laura knows that the right people, with the right skills in the right roles, can truly transform a business and loves nothing more than tailoring a learning solution outcome to a specific business challenge.

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