Advanced Manufacturing Fund brings Minister to SAGE Automation

Australian manufacturers are set to benefit from the Federal Government’s $100 million dollar Advanced Manufacturing Fund that will provide opportunities for growth and modernisation across the sector.

Federal Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Arthur Sinodinos visited SAGE Automation on Wednesday in light of the funding announcement.  


“The 2017-18 Budget provides over $100 million in new funding to boost innovation, skills and employment in advanced manufacturing to continue the transition to a new economy,” Senator Sinodinos said.


“These initiatives will help our manufacturing sector to embrace new technology and new ways of doing things so they can create new jobs by capturing the economic opportunities presented by new markets, like Asia.”


The funds will be allocated across a range of  programs that have been enhancing the competitiveness of manufacturing companies.


Specifically, they aim to help manufactures modernise their operations, create new business opportunities and jobs, provide highly skilled workers, and remain competitive in the global market.


 Key focus areas for the $100 million Advanced Manufacturing Fund are:

  • Small scale and pilot research projects such as small firms, early stage researchers: $4 million for Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre.
  • Car manufacturers: $47.5 million for a new Advanced Manufacturing Growth Fund which builds on the existing Growth Fund. Funding will help establish high value manufacturing in South Australia and Victoria, aimed at driving competition through innovative processes and equipment.
  • Manufacturing industry in South Australia and Victoria: $10 million to establish new Innovation Labs to serve industry e.g. test centres and business development.
  • Technology and educational institutions, industry training: $5 million investment to continue the flow of highly trained engineers to the automotive design and engineering sector.
  • Australian motor vehicle design and engineering services: $13.5 million tariff reduction on imported vehicle prototypes and components used by Australian services that operate globally.


Pictured (L-R): Justin Kahl SAGE Automation General Manager (Central and Western), Arthur Sinodino Federal Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Nicolle Flint MP, Member for Boothby.


SAGE leading the way for ‘advanced manufacturing’


‘Advanced manufacturing’ is innovative. It broadly describes any innovation and technology that improves productivity and competitiveness. This includes using advanced materials, bio- and nano-technologies, 3D printing and harnessing data and connectivity technologies.


John Pollaers, Chairman of the Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council says advanced manufacturers, “are involved in the development of new markets, new products, new technologies and new ways to manufacture existing products”.


SAGE has used innovation and diversification to break into new markets for more than 20 years. The company went from a business servicing only the manufacturing sector in 1994 to diversifying across defence, education, infrastructure, resources and utilities nationwide today.


Specialising in industrial automation and control services, it’s recently broached new markets in the manufacturing of high profile products such as components for AddInsight – an intelligent road system that monitors road traffic using Bluetooth sensor technology.


First developed by the South Australian Government, AddInsight is now being rolled out across every state and territory – a testament to South Australian innovation, and advanced manufacturing talent.


“We see growing opportunities for SME’s in the space of advanced manufacturing, not only as a company producing new products and services but also the opportunity to be a collaborative partner for other companies looking to do the same,” SAGE Automation CEO Adrian Fahey said.


SAGE’s relocation to Tonsley Innovation Precinct in 2017 involves a newly optimised layout for its manufacturing facility, which is expected to increase production efficiencies.


Read more about SAGE’s Manufacture capabilities.


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