With technology evolving at a rapid rate, the concept of automation and control to solve manufacturing process improvement challenges is certainly not new.  As a significant part of our business for more than 17 years, SAGE has developed a deep knowledge of the manufacturing industry, with extensive work in the Automotive, Food and Beverage, Whitegoods, original equipment manufacturers and general manufacturing areas.

We understand that a manufacturing business must access the most advanced practices and technologies to maintain a competitive edge.  SAGE has helped countless manufacturing business to grow, to improve their operational safety, increase product quality and compete in the global market.

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Food and Beverage Solutions

Driven by our country’s vast primary agricultural industry and strong government investment, Food and Beverage is a major contributor to the manufacturing sector. SAGE’s Food and Beverage solutions are driving the technical evolution of the food and beverage industry and generating the high quality outputs for which the Australian industry is known and regulated.

SAGE works with the industry’s leading brands to support their market positioning, traceability and reduction of operating costs across beer, food, soft drink, wine and dairy production.

Food processing

  • Batch and process control
  • Recipe management
  • Product and ingredients track and trace

Food packaging

  • Machine control upgrades
  • Line control integration, improvements and performance monitoring
  • Vision inspection systems

Turnkey industrial automation projects

  • System specification and design
  • PLC, SCADA, Batch, MES software development

Cost/Margin Management

  • Waste reduction
  • Process improvement
  • Energy usage monitoring
  • MES/MI

Quality Management

  • Yield maximisation
  • Ingredient traceability
  • Meet changing customer preferences

Safety Management

  • Meet government regulations and Australian Standards
  • Machine safety control system design, build and install
  • Hazardous area control system design

Automotive Solutions

SAGE has an extensive track record in complex control and automation projects across all key automotive manufacturing areas.  SAGE delivers critical step-change productivity efficiencies to Australia’s leading car manufacturers and tier 1 suppliers in assembly production areas, engine manufacturing, paint and press shops.

  • Production line automation
  • Robotics
  • Process optimisation
  • Safety Management
  • Bar code/RFDI systems
  • Part/component traceability
  • Product traceability
  • Plant networking (Radio, copper or fibre)

Heavy Industry Solutions

For many years, SAGE has been delivering certainty for OneSteel, one of Australia’s two iron and steel manufacturers. SAGE has maintained an office in Whyalla since 2007 where OneSteel has its operations. SAGE has also provided solutions for BlueScope and others in this sector.

  • Technology upgrades
  • Risk and Safety assessments
  • Process improvement
  • Process reliability
  • Increased yield
  • Increased uptime

OEM Equipment Solutions

SAGE has worked in partnership with Boart Longyear for almost a decade, undertaking research and development of world class ruggedised control systems for underground and surface drilling equipment.

SAGE has also developed substantial expertise in the automation and control of water treatment processes including reverse osmosis for Osmoflo for applications in the manufacturing, mining, utilities and infrastructure sectors both within Australia and Asia.

  • Drill rig control systems
  • Hydraulic control systems
  • Water processing including desalination, reverse osmosis, micro-filtration, ion exchange, and nana, micro and ultra-filtration

Industry expertise

A decade ago, automation was solving broader, more obvious process improvement goals for manufacturers. Today, improvements are being achieved as a result of more detailed, real-time information.

Every corner of the manufacturing industry is driven by producing quality products while minimising production costs and providing a safe working environment for staff.  Today, monitoring energy usage is also becoming a key driver in reducing operational costs.

SAGE provides turnkey solutions for manufacturers including;

  • Cost/Margin Management
  • Waste reduction
  • Process improvement
  • Energy usage monitoring
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Manufacturing Intelligence (MI)
  • Collaborative Manufacturing
  • Quality Management
  • Yield maximisation
  • Traceability
  • Meet changing customer preferences
  • Safety Management
  • Meet government regulations and Australian Standards

Sector Highlights

2012 - Process and Control Engineering (PACE) Zenith Award finalist - Food and Beverage Category - Tooheys Pressureless Conveyor Control Project

2010 - Process and Control Engineering (PACE) Zenith Award Winner – Food and Beverage Category - Mildura Fruit Juices Australia – Fire Recovery Project

2010 - Top 20 SA Innovations – Perryman’s Gingerbread Icing Robot Cell Project

2004 - Holden Supplier of the Year

SAGE is tri-certified with international certifying body DQS for Quality, OH&S and Environmental Management Systems, complying with; ISO9001:2000, AS3000 (Electrical), ISO14001 (Environmental) and AS4801 (OH&S).

Industry Engagement

  • MESA - Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association
  • WEA – Winery Engineering Association
  • DIAA - Dairy Industry Association of Australia