SAGE Automation , 10 May 2018

While residential solar has been steadily increasing in Australia, the industrial sector is only just coming to the table -- but in big ways. We explore how, and to what scale, industrial operators are installing rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) to reduce their energy consumption.

SAGE Automation , 4 May 2018

Industrial operators widely recognize that preventative maintenance extends the life of assets, increases productivity, improves overall efficiency and reduces maintenance costs, with a significant margin on a run-to-failure maintenance approach..

Damian Hewitt , 24 April 2018

First there was the horse, then there was the wheel and the cart. Following this came the combustion engine and the automobile. Now, there’s the internet, the mobile technology and lithium-ion battery storage. Which leads us to autonomous vehicles and the era of smart transportation.

Peter Thompson , 12 April 2018

There’s an overwhelming pile of advice out there on how industrial operators can reduce unplanned downtime and improve facility maintenance practices.

Laura Mabikafola , 5 April 2018

As budget time comes round, now is the time to consider capital expenditure projects that will ensure business continuity, now and in the long term future.

Chad Herbert , 29 March 2018

As a company that delivers control system and automation maintenance support across manufacturing, food and beverage, defence, utilities, infrastructure, transport and resources we see a lot. And an increasing trend we’re seeing is the amount of clients doing ‘run-to-failure’ maintenance.

SAGE Automation , 22 March 2018

Although manufacturing and industrial operators have access to millions-of-dollars in government grants per year, it remains an underutilized resource. People tend to think the grant process is too difficult.

SAGE Automation , 16 March 2018

Industry continues to face increasing pressure in the management of capital assets: shrinking budgets, increased performance expectations, and evermore regulatory oversight.

Peter Thompson , 8 March 2018

In large scale operations or small workshop environments the right manufacturing maintenance KPIs can have enormous impact on operability and maintainability.

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