QR code gives service technicians up-to-date information on the road

In South Australia more than 13,000 kilometres of sealed roads and 10,000 kilometres of unsealed roads are managed by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI).

When service technicians attend road sites, they require the relevant documentation for all the field cabinets in Adelaide. This is often many documents to search through and they can easily fall out of date.

SAGE have trialled a QR code and implemented cloud storage for drawing and schematics for the technicians and DPTI. Now technicians, engineers and other staff can easily access the most up to date plans quickly and from the road without having to store files in their vehicles.

DPTI senior project manager Kingsley Noble said, “Having our team and the service techs on the road be able to quickly access the right manuals and current plans for each cabinet has saved them time on site and made it easier to troubleshoot and service the equipment.”

Capabilities Demonstrated

  • View CAD, OMM, Equipment datasheets and manuals, system overview documents on a phone, tablet or laptop via a mobile network securely
  • Ensure the latest up-to-date information is provided to service equipment out in the field
  • Provide a unique and simple solution to the problem of information storage

Technology Utilised

  • QR codes and internet enabled devices, including smart phones, laptops and tablets
  • Information centralised around a barcode located on either SAGE Automation electrical cabinet or OEM product
  • The electrical cabinet or OEM product is fitted with a SAGE Automation label (pictured on page 1) with a QR Code 2D barcode label.
  • This 2D barcode label is a machine-readable optical label that contains an internet web URL to a web server.
  • This web server controls user access and displays relevant data about that electrical cabinet on a mobile device such and phone, tablet or laptop

Project Highlights

  • This innovation has streamlined the way service technicians, and future project managers, will be able to access relevant drawing and information
  • The future potential of this software following the trial means accessing and filtering through high volumes of data will be streamlined

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