“Future-proofing” system to allow for further upgrades

At the base of the Heysen tunnel a fog detection system is linked to four remote stations to communicate whether there is a need to operate lights during daylight conditions.

This project was completed by SAGE in 2000 and used 2G networks. But, 2G and GSRM networks are being phased out and on the 1st of December 2016 the Telstra 2G (GSM) network will close with Optus closing their 2G network on 1 April 2017.

SAGE was able to migrate the system onto a 3G network system to avoid downtime when the 2G and GSM networks are switched off.

DPTI senior project manager Kingsley Noble said, “SAGE innitially completed this project 16 years ago so we trusted them to assist us with migrating from soon to be obselete technology to avoid unnecessary interruptions to the service.”

Capabilities Demonstrated

  • Migration from obsolete technology before it became inoperable
  • Replacing modems, sim cards and compatible technology
  • Implementation of a cost effective solution by upgrading to a 3G network

Technology Utilised

  • Remote telementary technology
  • Present weather detector
  • DT6/S 3 channel pre-recorded dialler
  • Intelimax + 3G modem
  • Simado GFX1111S 0 3G voice modem

Project Challenges

  • Working under live traffic conditions
  • Only small windows of opportunity to implement changes

Project Highlights

  • Factory testing of the systems on the bench enabled a smoother rollout which was particularly important due to working conditions on site
  • Minimal downtime while migrating and updating the network

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