Power Quality

Power Quality

Is power a major cost burden on your business? SAGE can help bring your power costs down significantly.

We can audit your current power usage, and recommend and install power quality products that help minimise damaging voltage fluctuations, reactive power events, and harmonic distortion, meaning less maintenance, equipment downtime and energy loss.

What’s more, a tailored energy management system even has the potential to regenerate energy.

SAGE has a strong network of partners specialised in this area, including Delta, NHP and Schneider. Our access to such a large source of knowledge means we can offer a solution perfectly tailored to your business, no matter how complex it may be.

Modifying your power consumption to improve efficiency has proven to have a large return on investment.

Improving power quality

  • Static VAR Generators (SVGs)
    • SVGs correct leading and lagging reactive power to control harmonics and reactive power, with a much faster response time than traditional capacitors, resulting in much higher system stability.

      SVGs are ideally suited for correcting large voltage fluctuations as well as controlling significant power discrepancies from the supply grid, a common issue in remote or industrial environments.

  • Active Power Filters (APFs)
    • APFs monitor load current and filter harmonics (up to 50th order harmonics with over 95% efficiency) in real time to maintain a clean line current. Embedded with a current transformer, APFs inject the exact opposite phase to the network of components to be filtered. APFs can also provide leading and lagging reactive current in real time to improve the power factor and compensate reactor power.
      APFs are suitable for large power factor corrections in industrial environments

  • Active Front End
    • AFE is a controllable rectifier with advantages such as providing bidirectional power exchange between AC and DC power and regenerating reusable power to the mains to reduce the cost of power. The AFE uses pulse width modulation (PWM) to greatly reduce distinctive peaks of current and form perfect sine wave current.
  • Regenerative Power Units (REGs)
    • For the ultimate in energy savings, REGs are uniquely designed to collect and convert your system’s regenerative energy into reusable electricity. Particularly suited for commercial elevator systems, REGs convert over 95% of brake energy regenerated into reusable electricity. A REG offers one of the best green energy solutions for active power regeneration.

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