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To thrive and remain competitive, it is becoming more and more evident that businesses within the manufacturing space need the latest and most advanced processes and technologies. SAGE Group is a great supporter of the manufacturing sector and is proud to be innovating for, and investing in, a smarter future for manufacturing.

With more than 20 years’ experience across the manufacturing sector, from food and beverage, automotive and resources to original equipment manufacturing (OEM) industries, SAGE works with your business to reduce costs while maintaining the high-quality outputs for which Australian manufacturing is renowned.

Providing a comprehensive suite of services, SAGE has four specialist business units who combine their expertise to support manufacturing clients to lead into the future, with the perfect balance of technology, process and capability.


SAGE Group Brands

Providing a comprehensive suite of services to industrial operators, SAGE has four specialist business units who combine their expertise to support clients to lead into the future, with the perfect balance of technology, process and capability.

SAGE Automation 

A trusted adviser to the manufacturing sector, SAGE’s automation solutions have helped countless manufacturing businesses to reduce production costs, increase product quality and consistency, and improve operational safety. As automation technology develops, it becomes less about broad improvements and more about incremental enhancements using real-time information. SAGE has an extensive track record in complex control and automation projects across all key manufacturing areas in:

  • Automotive
  • Resources
  • OEM
  • Food and beverage manufacturing


Some of SAGE’s experience includes delivering critical productivity efficiencies to Australia’s leading car manufacturers and tier-one suppliers in assembly production areas. We bring substantial expertise in the automation and control of mobile water treatment processes, including reverse osmosis, for applications in the manufacturing, mining, utilities and infrastructure sectors both within Australia and Asia. For many years, SAGE has also been delivering certainty for Australia’s largest iron and steel manufacturers. No matter what challenges your business is facing, SAGE has the solution. Click here to find a solution for your needs. 

SAGE Automation-Manufacturing





There’s no question that digital operations are transforming manufacturing.

A range of innovations that fall under the 'IIoT’ or Industry 4.0 umbrella all point towards more computer-integrated manufacturing operations or the ‘connected enterprise’.

Some manufacturers are moving towards varying levels of IT and OT systems integration managed through a centralised platform, but the practicalities of actually achieving IIoT capabilities seems far off for others. Nevertheless, research shows businesses will need to heavily invest in digital technologies over the next five years in order to remain competitive.

Manufacturing is becoming more connected and centralised. As this connectivity increases, companies must dedicate more resources to data analysis and management and the central management of computer-integrated manufacturing systems is essential. The Nukon team assists manufacturers in connecting their data and obtaining insights in order to optimise their operations. Learn more about Nukon.

Skills Lab

Skills Lab has developed training programs for the manufacturing sector, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to create a smarter, safer future and a better world. Training is structured to allow teams to manage workloads while being prepared for future challenges and accessing industry-experienced trainers.

Learners access the best thinking in industrial automation and world-class training platforms to put key learnings into practice. Skills Lab trainers can also meet clients onsite, deliver training in our dedicated labs or via our virtual face-to-face training capability.

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Embedded Expertise Manufacturing


Embedded Expertise 

This changes in the manufacturing sector means companies must learn how to design, engineer and manage manufacturing facilities of the future in order to remain competitive.  

Australia’s pool of engineers with experience in this area is small, and in order to meet the demand for these skills, employers are increasingly turning to project-based employment models. Mounting time pressures and demand spikes mean companies need a fast solution to their candidate needs, one that can hit the ground running. Embedded Expertise matches high-calibre technical expertise with the clients who need them.

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