Introducing OlliStop...

...the smart shuttle stop set to revolutionise transport and accessibility services.

OlliStop: Smart shuttle stop making transport accessible

In partnership with Local Motors, we're making transport more accessible with 'Accessible OlliStop'.

...but first meet Olli 

Accessible Olli

Olli by Local Motors, is the first self-driving vehicle to tap the power of IBM Watson. 

Now meet OlliStop... the perfect pair

OlliStop: Smart shuttle stop making transport accessible

OlliStop autonomously connects people to the autonomous Olli shuttle service. It was designed to help passengers travel based on their abilities. For example, OlliStop can sign to people through LCD sign language displays! 

And together...

Olli and OlliStop make transport accessible for everyone, especially age care and disability groups. They communicate with each other and the internet to give passengers an interactive, smart experience - all tailored to their individual abilities.  

The partnership

SAGE Automation and Local Motors

SAGE Automation works with Local Motors and multiple Accessible Olli partners to deliver this leading edge solution. Together we're making transport accessible for everyone.

Answering the first mile last mile problem


First mile last mile. Credit: Norma Nun Slide Share

OlliStop is built to be relocatable within a few hours, runs on solar or battery power and is fully self contained. Now road authorities can trial different ‘first' or 'last mile’ locations, or put additional transport in place for major public events. 

Making transport accessible today

We presented Accessible Olli at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Here's how.

Watch how OlliStop's features work to make transport services easy and accessbile:


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