Why you need the best automation solutions

Why you need the best transport solutions

Building a safe and effective transport system is fraught with challenges: logistical, financial and environmental. As the burdens upon our infrastructure steadily increase, smart transport solutions become vital to address and manage the strain. This involves future-proofing our transport systems and preparing for the onset of new technologies, such as driverless cars.

With over 15 years’ national experience in the infrastructure sector, in roads, rail and air, we are proud to invest in an industry that will build a smarter, cleaner, more sustainable future for all.

What we can do for your future transport solutions

What we can do for you

At SAGE, we have implemented award-winning transport solutions across the nation that have helped to improve end-user experience, reduce life cycle costs, lessen environmental impact, and prepare our transport systems for future technologies.

No matter what your transport challenges are, SAGE can deliver an exceptional outcome. 


SAGE has been delivering certainty within the road, tunnel, bridge and intelligent transport systems (ITS) fields for well over a decade, and can list Australia’s leading civil contractors and a number of private tunnel and toll road operators amongst its clients. SAGE is experienced in undertaking high-risk systems replacement and upgrade works in live tunnels and on operational motorways, where safety and continuity of traffic flow are of paramount importance.


Designing safe, flexible, robust and serviceable electrical control and automation systems for the rail sector has seen SAGE undertake a variety of projects, from improving the safety, efficiency and quality of individual rail assets through to the delivery of large-scale, multi-building rail maintenance depots.

SAGE also has experience in major underground rail terminals and their associated fire and life safety, electrical and mechanical systems.


SAGE has developed systems to enhance the safety and security of airports in both the military and public domains across Australia.

Why SAGE is the best choice for your transport needs

We're a one-stop shop

SAGE Automation is the only Australian company with the capability to deliver an end-to-end solution nationally, from conception to commission.

Why SAGE is the best choice for your transport needs

We deliver the best thinking

We’ll bring our considerable experience, our deep and broad pool of expertise, our tried-and-tested methodology and our best thinking practices to create a solution that doesn’t just address current needs, but also future demands.
We are committed to staying at the forefront of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) technologies and bringing you the very latest innovations in the field, such as real-time travel capture with bluetooth communications and thermal video incident protection cameras that are activated when an incident occurs in low-visibility conditions. We are also equipped to bring you the very latest in Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (CITS) technologies, allowing road users and traffic managers to share information, thereby significantly improving traffic congestion and driver safety and comfort, as well as preparing roads for the uptake of driverless cars.

Why SAGE is the best choice for your transport needs

We'll be there when you need us

SAGE provides ongoing training and 24/7 support services, significantly extending the life cycle of your project and ensuring you get the maximum value out of your investment. 

Why SAGE is the best choice for your transport needs

We are serious about safety

We know safety is of paramount importance when undertaking large transport projects. That is why SAGE is tri-certified with international certifying body DQS for Quality, OH&S and Environmental Management Systems, complying with ISO9001:2000, AS3000 (Electrical), ISO14001 (Environmental) and AS4801 (OH&S) standards. We will ensure your project has built-in redundancies and is fully compliant with all safety standards – especially crucial when undertaking particularly dangerous infrastructure projects such as tunnels and rail.

Why SAGE is the best choice for your transport needs

We employ diversity

SAGE is also passionate about investing in the local community and promoting diversity through our graduate programs and hiring practices.

Smart Transportation Capabilities

Road Capabilities

  • Motorway management ITS
  • Smart Motorways
  • Cooperative ITS
  • Wide-area data communications and telemetry system design and implementation
  • Latest thermal Video Incident Detection System (VIDS)
  • Traffic data gathering, CCTV surveillance and incident detection system design and integration
  • Lane Use Management (LUMS) and Driver Information (DIS) systems
  • Variable Speed Limit Systems (VSLS)
  • Computer Equipment Room (CER)
  • ITS field cabinet construction
  • Intelligent LED lighting system
  • Control room and power system design
  • Emergency and maintenance operations telephony systems
  • FAT/SAT/SIAT operational tests
  • End-user operational and maintenance training
  • 24/7 support and maintenance

Road tunnel capabilities

  • Turnkey Plant Management and Control Systems (PMCS) upgrades and replacement (including all associated field devices, I/O and instrumentation)
  • Traffic Management and Control Systems (TMCS) upgrades and system replacements
  • Operations Management and Control Systems (OMCS) upgrades and replacements
  • Data communications network design, upgrades and platform replacements
  • Tunnel and emergency lighting control, management system upgrades and replacements
  • Power Systems upgrade design and maintenance replacement
  • Specialised atmosphere electrical and control systems design and upgrade works
  • Unauthorised vehicle detection systems integration
  • Cross Boundary Systems integration (i.e. Fire/PMCS/OMCS/TMCS and communications)
  • AS 61508 based Safety Systems (Safety Integrity Level – SIL) design and operational compliance auditing (including HAZOP / CHAZOP and SIL Studies)
  • End user / operator training
  • 24/7 support and maintenance
  • End-to-end quality-assured project management and design verification services
  • Independent verification

Road bridge capabilities

  • Maintenance Gantry Safety Control and Automation Systems
  • Bridge (Bascule) Plant Management and Control Systems
  • Bridge Deck ITS and Traffic Management Systems and System Integration
  • Bridge security and surveillance
  • Tilt bridge control systems

Rail capabilities

  • Integrated rail depot safety systems
  • Automation of rail car door with security alarm integration
  • Inline fuel delivery systems

Air capabilities

  • Fuel management systems
  • Airfield lighting systems
  • Energy management systems

Craig Moran, General Manager Road Network Operations, Roads and Maritime Services

"We selected SAGE Automation as the appropriate company to give us a turnkey solution that will give us the benefits and reliability that we need, into the future."

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