Training Courses:

Course Name & Duration
  • Introduction to Automation
  • PLC Intermediate
  • PLC Advanced
  • Coaching
  • Customised Training

Training Platforms

Conveyor Platforms

Our conveyor platforms simulate the technoloy used in the manufacturing and process operations. This platform enables participants to obtain broad exposure to typical automation technology including VSDs, electrical relay logic, PLCs, basic sensors, intermediate sensors and pneumatic actuators.

Genuine skill development for real-life settings

The ability to experience these technologies first-hand means participants gain highly practical skills and problem-solving techniques that they can then apply directly in a real-life setting.

Instrument Training Platforms

Our instrumentation training platforms are used to train participants in the programming and functionality of basic to advanced PLC Systems, instrumentation and SCADA systems. SAGE Training can also custom-build rigs and create learning resources to suit customers'specific automation hardware or software infrastructure.

Hands-on instrumentation experience for real skill uptake

Our instrumentation training platforms can be perfectly adjusted to a participant's level of experience, enabling the participants to gain genuine upskilling, and maximising the value out of the time they are investing.

Mini-Factory Training Platform

Our mini-factory training platform is a 10-station system that prepares participants for automated manufacturing in virtually any industry.
This platform provides realistic practice in operating, monitoring and troubleshooting complex manufacturing systems.

Practical skills that can be taken straight to the factory floor

Our manufacturing expertise means we can create safe and challenging rigs that simulate your factory precisely, meaning participants learn skills that are directly applicable to their roles.

Vision Training Platform

Our vision training platform allows participants to explore 2D and 3D vision using the latest cameras and software.

Better vision control for improved product quality

Vision systems are designed to inspect and measure in three dimensions. Detection of truw three-dimensional shapes is the key to optimal selection and precision, and creates a new range of efficient solutions to industry.

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