SAGE Group brand Nukon partners with OFS to offer Australian manufacturers seamless Industry 4.0 solutions

SAGE Group , Jun 14, 2019 11:11:28 AM

A fresh partnership between SAGE Group company Nukon and digital consultancy OFS (Operations Feedback Systems) will offer Australian manufacturers enhanced ability to digitise and adopt Industry 4.0 solutions. 


In line with the partnership, Nukon’s sister company SAGE Automation will install and integrate the electrical and control systems used by Nukon and OFS for collecting customer data. This data will then be analysed and used to improve operations – so Australian manufacturers can increase their efficiency, competitiveness and profitability.

With a single phone call, customers will be able to receive assistance from SAGE Automation, Nukon and OFS teams – to kick-start or restart their digitisation and Industry 4.0 journeys. All three brands will work together to offer fit-for purpose, future-ready digital solutions.

“As sister companies, SAGE Automation and Nukon already have a solid understanding of one another’s technologies,” SAGE Group CEO Adrian Fahey said.

“By teaming up with OFS, our clients will be able to access even more reliable and cost effective digital solutions – all delivered seamlessly,” he said.

Nukon Managing Director Alec Konyenburg said the partnership would allow customers to make more sensible investment decisions.

“Nukon and OFS will be working together to deliver an affordable asset utilisation monitoring solution. Customers will be able to gain access to data even faster than previously. This data will enable them to understand and improve their customer operations more than ever before.

For example, Nukon – in partnership with the customer – recently road mapped and implemented industry 4.0 capability for a major food and beverage manufacturer.

OFS Chief Executive Officer James Magee said the new partnership was a win for both current and future OFS customers.

“We are delighted to have signed a partnership agreement with Nukon who share our belief that technology adoption will transform the manufacturing industry. Nukon brings a level of technical expertise and experience that will benefit current and future OFS customers particularly in the space of systems integration and deployment,” said Mr Magee.

OFS is a leading Australian software company, delivering solutions to empower manufacturers to make better and faster decisions. The company brings leading manufacturing productivity software tools, which – together with Nukon’s vast experience in systems integration and network optimisation – will form a powerful combination of software and implementation expertise.




Nukon Managing Director Alec Konynenburg (right) celebrates the new partnership, which is set to offer Australian manufacturers seamless

Industry 4.0 solutions, with OFS Chief Executive Officer James Magee (left).

About Nukon

Nukon is a digital transformation consultancy and delivery expert. The company specialises in delivering digital transformation for companies that want to be ‘future ready’. Nukon provides independent, custom-designed solutions; combining strategy, analysis and technology to give visibility into key business processes, so they can be optimised. The company’s consulting services and agile implementations provide a collaborative and iterative way to implement solutions that are fit-for-purpose, reliable, cost-effective and have an instant impact on business output.

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About SAGE Automation

SAGE Automation delivers smart automation and control solutions for businesses across a wide variety of sectors.

With an international footprint, local presence, a deep and broad pool of expertise, and some of the most experienced and passionate people in the business, you get so much more than a quick-fix.

SAGE delivers agile, scalable and secure solutions that don’t just solve current problems, but pre-empt and deter future ones, helping your organisation thrive.

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About OFS

OFS (Operations Feedback Systems), founded in Australia in 2006, is a software solutions company committed to empowering manufacturers with the tools they need to drive sustained operational excellence. The OFS software solution delivers key insights by integrating real-time manufacturing data, operator input, digitised forms and workflows. This provides manufacturers with visibility, and with visibility comes insights to make better decisions, leading to improved overall operational efficiency, reduced waste and increased profits.

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