SAGE celebrates milestone LTI safety record during Safe Work Month

SAGE Group, Published: October 30, 2019 - Updated: October 30, 2019

October marks National Safe Work Month – and SAGE is celebrating with a record safety streak – almost 5 years without a Lost Time Injury (LTI) in the workplace.


SAGE CEO Adrian Fahey said everyone at the company should be proud of achieving such a strong record.

“This is a great achievement for anyone in the Industrial Automation industry, and our strong safety record can be directly attributed to our workplace culture” he said.

SAGE Health Safety, Environment and Quality Manager Sue Illana said the company was extremely proactive in its approach to safety, with safety starting at the top level of management and filtering down to all levels of the business.


safety-month-blogSafety first: SAGE Trades Assistant Morne Naicker with HSEQ Manager Sue Illana


“Our priority is our people and ensuring their safety is our number focus. SAGE works hard to identify hazards in the first instance, in order to prevent incidents from occurring” said Ms Illana.


“It's important to keep the focus on safety every day of the year, not just in October" she said.

In addition to required safety standards – which place an emphasis on safety via induction, training, information, supervision, consultation and communication – SAGE has also adopted other practices to increase safety in the workplace. These include:

• Leading by example
• Always working to SAGE safety standards
• Working to the highest standards no matter where or who a SAGE team member works with
• Knowing that management fully supports ceasing unsafe work
• Reporting unsafe work environments and practices

The company also places a strong focus on hazard identification through:

• undertaking regular workplace inspections and project audits
• mandatory risk assessments on jobs prior to their commencement
• encouraging all workers to report hazards.

Last year all employees were issued with ‘stop work’ safety cards as a reminder they had the right to ‘cease work’ in the event they felt unsafe, no matter where they were working; either at SAGE premises or other company worksites.


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