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RAN crew on board new Hobart Class AWDs get industry-derived PLC training

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The three Hobart Class Air Warfare Destroyers (AWDs) under construction in Osborne, South Australia, will be some of the world’s most capable multi-purpose warships.

The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) requires the crew to be able to effectively operate the electrical control systems on-board the AWDs. Up-to-date training in maintenance and programming of PLC control systems is essential.

PLC training enables crew to identify and solve faults, while a specialist understanding of the electrical control systems results in effective communication with external maintenance providers.

Project Scope

AWD Alliance contracted SAGE Automation to deliver the PLC training as a component of the wider IPMS Maintenance Course for RAN crews. This program was delivered in two parts: a generic and a specific course.

This is the second time SAGE Automation has worked with the Alliance to deliver PLC training for the AWD Project.

"The AWD Alliance and SAGE Automation are working together to deliver invaluable indursty-derived training to the Air Warfare Destroyer RAN crews." Paul Evans, Alliance General Manager. 

Training Delivered

  • Facilitator-led classroom component with course material
  • Practical component using world-class training platforms
  • Three practical and theoretical assessments

Specific course:

  • Designed around the training platforms SAGE designed and built for defence training
  • Used a variety of PLCs (5) known to be on-board the AWDs

Key Outcomes

  • RAN crew can confidently operate and maintain the control systems for the new AWD ships
  • Strong understanding of PLC programming methodologies
  • Skills to fault-find and problem-solve
  • Knowledge of control system terminology, which enables crew to speak with external support and maintenance providers

Technology Utilised

  • Allen Bradley (Rockwell) CompactLogix PLC
  • Siemens: s7-200 PLC
  • Schneider: Twido, TSX Premium PLC
  • Omron PLC
  • Saia-Burgess PLC
  • Profibus commmunication
  • Ethernet communication


Sector Automation training
Capabilities Training around operating and maintaining control systems, understanding PLC programming methodologies and skills to fault-find and problem solve.
Client AWD Alliance
Locations Adelaide, South Australia