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Critical cooling system upgrade for Collins Class submarine fleet

Collins Class Submarine

The fleet of six Collins Class submarines are a key element of Australia’s Defence Force, both as an intelligence gathering platform during peace time and as a forceful opponent during times of war.

The Chilled Water System onboard the Collins Class Submarines is a critical system, cooling various compartments and equipment onboard. The heat is removed from the chilled water system to the fresh water cooling system via the Freon system.

The Programmable Logical Control (PLC) system previously controlling the Collins Class Submarine cooling system was due for an upgrade and the intention was to find a suitable COTS control system to replace the current PLC.

SAGE Automation specialist engineers worked with ASC to replace the PLC for the Chilled Water System.

Jamal Zadeh, Project Engineer, ASC said, “SAGE designed and developed a replacement control system solution that integrates into the existing field cabling and devices.”

Key Capabilities

  • Integration of new equipment into existing field cabling and devices
  • Installation of two identical control systems to provide for redundancy - redundant system on a cold standby arrangement
  • HMI and PLC set to work
  • Design and manufacture in accordance with stringent ASC requirements
  • Software developed around niche requirements of the control system
  • Electrical and functional design specifications
  • Safety hazard analysis
  • Electro Magnetic Interference / Electro Magnetic
  • Compatibility (EMI/EMC) to MIL standards
  • Stringent functional testing
  • Full suite of engineering documentation and requirements traceability


Project Highlights

  • Obsolescence upgrade onboard six operational submarines
  • SAGE engineers designed the highly specialised system in consultation with ASC
  • Successful completion of rigorous environmental and functional testing
  • Design, manufacture and delivery of the project in accordance with stringent requirements

Technology Utilised 

  • Siemens S7-1500 PLC
  • Siemens TP1200 HMI
  • Electrically interlocked main contactor
  • Start stop pushbuttons to energise system
  • 3 phase 440VAC to 24VDC power supply
  • 3 phase 440VAC to 110VAC transformer
  • Contactor and overloads for fans
  • Multifunction high resolution analogue input module for resistance, RTD and 4-20mA measurements
  • Relays for 110VAC solenoids and heater


“SAGE continuously meets and exeeds ASC’s stringent specifications and standards in its projects.” – Jamal Zadeh, Project Engineer, ASC.







Sector Defence
Capabilities PLC upgrade, submarine cooling system control, defence compliance
Client ASC
Locations South Australia

“SAGE continuously meets
and exeeds ASC’s stringent
specifications and standards in
its projects.”

Jamal Zadeh, Project Engineer, ASC