In recent years, SAGE has emerged as an experienced and valued supplier to the Australian utilities industry. Our delivery model and specialist team support projects in the water, gas and electricity fields with innovative system integration and technology.

Energy Solutions

SAGE has been involved in Energy and generation projects for some time. We understand the intricacies of power generation, alarm management and system reliability.

  • Panel build and verification
  • Reliable substation capacity management system
  • Energy Monitoring and management systems
  • Solar powered RTU

Renewable Solutions

In Australia, there are over 1,000 remote Indigenous communities, many of which are not connected to electrical grids or gas pipelines. SAGE has worked with Bushlight to improve livelihood choices for Indigenous people through access to sustainable renewable energy services.

  • Reliable energy supply to remote locations

Water Solutions

Living in the driest inhabited continent on earth, precise management of our precious water commodity is essential. SAGE is a key supplier of control and automation technology solutions to the water sector in all corners of the country.

National footprint of water controls projects: over 300 diverse automation control projects in the water sector over the past 3 years.

Major water project portfolio with SA Water, United Water, Melbourne Water, City West Water, South East Water, Goulburn-Murray Water Futureflow Alliance, State Water and LinkWater.

Recent integration of water control systems to multi-million dollar infrastructure assets, including cut over into live operational SCADA networks for LinkWater, State Water and Wagga Wagga City Council.

Using our full value chain, SAGE delivers certainty in the control, security and management of water infrastructure assets and processes including;

Catchment and storage

  • Dam and Reservoirs
  • Weirs, regulators and fishways
  • Storage Tanks (elevated and ground level)
  • Aquifer storage and managed aquifer recovery

Water treatment

  • WTP / WWTP
  • Stormwater recycling
  • Desalination
  • RO plants
  • Chlorination and fluoridisation

Water transfer and delivery

  • Pump Stations
  • Pipeline networks
  • Reporting
  • Water delivery management systems
  • Water quality management systems

Industry expertise

Supporting the utilities sector with a national resource pool of over 250 control and automation specialists, SAGE brings to your project a solid track record in delivering certainty.

Our solutions deliver the safe, secure and reliable supply of utilities.

Sector Highlights

SAGE is committed to quality, safety and environmental management in our own business and understands their importance in your business tools, processes and operations.

SAGE is tri-certified with international certifying body DQS for Quality, OH&S and Environmental Management Systems, complying with; ISO9001:2000, AS3000 (Electrical), ISO14001 (Environmental) and AS4801 (OH&S).

SAGE regularly challenges our excellence in project management, project delivery and innovation by frequently entering engineering excellence awards.

2012: Process and Control Engineering (PACE) Zenith Award for the State Water iSMART project

2010: SAGE Group Holdings awarded the Technology Industry Association's Award, Environmental Sustainability

2010: SAGE Automation wins two national categories of the Process & Control Engineering (PACE) Zenith Awards

FutureFlow Alliance: SAGE sub-alliance partner 2008/10

2010: International Water Award (IWA) for Project Innovation (Operations/Management Category)

2010: Australian Water Association (AWA) Infrastructure Project Innovation Award

2009: AWA Victorian Excellence Award for Infrastructure Project Innovation

2009: National Engineering Excellence Award for Infrastructure (projects >$20M), Engineering Australia

Industry Engagement

  • Leading Edge Member - The Water Industry Alliance
  • Member - SA Water SCADA panel
  • Preferred Supplier of SCADA and Telemetry engineering services - Logan City Council QLD
  • Approved Integrator - for City West Water
  • Member - The Australian Water Association