Creating Seriously Intelligent Infrastructure

SAGE has been delivering certainty within the road, tunnel, bridge and ITS fields for well over a decade and can list all of Australia’s leading civil contractors and many private tunnel/toll road operators amongst our clients.

Infrastructure Sector Capability Brochure 2015.pdf

Road Solutions

Motorway Management ITS Solutions

  • Cooperative ITS
  • Wide area data communications and telemetry system design and implementation
  • Traffic data gathering, CCTV surveillance, incident detection system design and integration
  • Lane Use Management and Driver Information Systems
  • Variable Speed Limit Systems
  • Control room and power system design
  • Emergency and Maintenance Operations Telephony Systems
  • End-User operational and maintenance training
  • 24/7 service, support and maintenance

Road Tunnel Solutions

  • Turnkey Plant Management and Control Systems (PMCS) upgrades and replacement (including all associated field devices / I/O and instrumentation etc.)
  • Traffic Management and Control Systems (TMCS) upgrades and system replacements
  • Operations Management and Control Systems (OMCS) upgrades and replacements
  • Data communications network design, upgrades and platform replacements
  • Tunnel and emergency lighting control, management system upgrades and replacements
  • Power Systems upgrade design and maintenance replacement
  • Specialised atmosphere electrical and control systems design and upgrade works
  • Cross Boundary Systems integration (i.e. Fire / PMCS / OMCS / TMCS and communications)
  • AS 61508 based Safety Systems (Safety Integrity Level - SIL) design and operational compliance auditing (including HAZOP / CHAZOP and SIL Studies)
  • End user / operator training
  • Maintenance and support  on an on-going 365/24/7 basis
  • End to End Quality Assured Project Management and Design Verification services

Bridge Solutions

  • Maintenance Gantry Safety Control and Automation Systems
  • Bridge (Bascule) Plant Management and Control Systems
  • Bridge Deck ITS and Traffic Management Systems and System Integration
  • Bridge security and surveillance

Rail Solutions

Designing safe, flexible, robust and serviceable electrical control and automation systems for the Rail Sector has seen SAGE undertake a variety of projects, from improving the safety, efficiency and quality of individual rail assets through to large scale, multi-building rail maintenance depots.

The SAGE infrastructure team has experience in delivering major underground rail terminals and their associated fire and life safety, electrical and mechanical systems associated with such projects.

  • Integrated Rail Depot safety systems
  • Automation of railcar door with security alarm integration
  • Inline Fuel Delivery Systems

Air Solutions

SAGE has developed systems to enhance the safety and security of airports in both the military and public domains across Australia.  Our solutions to the unique requirements for airport infrastructure monitoring include;

  • Fuel management systems
  • Airfield lighting systems
  • Energy management systems

Industry Expertise

Experienced in undertaking high risk systems replacement and upgrade works in live tunnels and on operational motorways, we understand that safety, client service and continuity in traffic flow are of paramount importance.

SAGE’s highly experienced, qualified engineering team can take your requirements and turn them into reality, safely and securely, minimising operational risk to you as the operator whilst delivering truly outstanding outcomes on your behalf.

  • Motorway Management Systems – ITS solutions
  • Road Tunnel Solutions including PMCS / ITS / OMCS turn-key solutions
  • Bridge ITS and Plant and equipment control solutions

Sector Highlights

  • 2016 - Process and Control Engineering (PACE) Zenith Awards - Transport and Energy Category - Sydney Harbour Bridge Electronic Lane Change Control System
  • 2014 - Process and Control Engineering (PACE) Zenith Awards - Transport and Energy Category - Pacific National Inline Fuel Delivery System
  • 2011 - Awarded the independent design verification contract for the AU$1Bn Superway Viaduct Project in South Australia
  • 2011 - Hot replacement of Tunnel PMCS System – M2 Norfolk Hills, NSW (interface to Transdyn Dynac MMS / OMCS)
  • 2010 - Process and Control Engineering (PACE) Zenith Award – Infrastructure Category - Port River Expressway Bridge
  • 2010 - Delivery of Northern Expressway ITS System in South Australia (Transmax STREAMS Platform)
  • 2008 - Delivery of Tunnel PMCS for the Tugun Bypass in Queensland
  • 2007 - Delivery of Australia’s first remote bridge control and management system for the Port River Expressway in SA
  • 2003 - Delivery of Australia’s only motorway tidal flow control system for the Southern Expressway in South Australia
  • 2000 - Delivery of Australia’s first fully integrated tunnel plant management and control (PMCS) system for SA's Heysen Tunnel

SAGE is tri-certified with international certifying body DQS for Quality, OH&S and Environmental Management Systems, complying with; ISO9001:2000, AS3000 (Electrical), ISO14001 (Environmental) and AS4801 (OH & S).

Industry Engagement

SAGE is a trusted project delivery partner to the country’s leading civil construction contractors and a preferred system integration and development partner with the world’s leading ITS and control technology brands. 

Over the past decade SAGE has also formed strong relationships with Australia’s pre-eminent Toll Road Operators and State Government Road Management Organisations in consistently delivering challenging projects in a “real world” environment.

  • SAGE is a member of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Australia
  • SAGE provides regular input into the Australian Tunnel Operators Group (ATOG)
  • SAGE is a member of the Airports Association of Australia (AAA)