In a sector known for its technical complexity and rapid evolution, Australia’s defence industry is world class.  SAGE Automation offers the same world class level of international expertise, from a proudly Australian company with a proven track record in devising and delivering end-to-end solutions.

Offering a seamless interface for defence contractors and end clients, we can design and construct automated control and safety systems to fulfil the most rigorous technological demands of this sector.

Defence Sector Capability Brochure 2015.pdf

Air Solutions

For more than 6 years, SAGE has helped light the way home for Royal Australian Air Force pilots.  Development of advanced runway lighting systems with Precision Approach Position Indicators for Australia's military airfields helps protect some of our country’s most valuable military aircraft assets including the F/A-18 Hornet fighter.

  • Military airfield lighting control systems
  • Mobile deployable control and reporting rooms
  • COTS electrical control systems
  • Reduction in risk to aircraft assets
  • Increase aircraft asset availability
  • High compliance electrical control systems

Land Solutions

SAGE brings to military bases and their assets a capability in electrical control solutions to support energy monitoring, land vehicle manufacture, support and availability.

  • High compliance electrical systems
  • COTS electrical control systems

Sea Solutions

SAGE is working proudly with multiple Primes on the dynamic AWD (Air Warfare Destroyers) and LHD (Landing Helicopter Deck) projects. SAGE played an important role in developing a solution to reduce the risks in docking our Collins Class submarines in Henderson, WA.

  • IPMS control systems
  • Submergible wireless load monitoring control system
  • Reduction in risk to navy assets
  • Increase navy asset availability
  • COTS electrical control systems
  • High compliance electrical control system

Industry Expertise

SAGE brings more than 17 years of experience in delivering Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) electrical control systems based on PLC, RTU and HMI/SCADA platforms.

SAGE provides control and automation solutions which meet national and international defence industry standards, in particular, the design and construction of automated control and safety systems.  We work collaboratively with defence contractors to deliver certainty and exceptional outcomes. SAGE also supports overseas companies who wish to offer their products or services in Australia with confidence.

SAGE designs, constructs, tests, installs, commissions and supports bespoke systems from small standalone electrical control systems to large, highly complex, integrated solutions. SAGE understands the level of documentation and traceability that are required for the defence sector thus providing certainly for defence projects.

SAGE has in-house skills which enable scalable, flexible and surety of resourcing, providing certainty of delivery for time critical defence industry projects nationally.

Our capability includes:

  • PLC, RTU and  HMI/SCADA control systems including;
  • High level design and prototyping
  • Software Development
  • Documentation
  • Commissioning support
  • On-site changes and enhancements
  • Design (Electrical and Mechanical)
  • ‘Build to print’, test and document control panels in our manufacturing workshop facility
  • Carry out Initial Site Audits
  • Provide Risk Management / Disaster Recovery management
  • Assist with compliance to Australian Standards
  • Rapid response, 24/7 emergency breakdown support
  • Warranty support for all hardware and systems
  • Provide an Instrumentation Calibration Service
  • Provide specific training in industrial controls and automation technology platforms

Sector Highlights

  • 2011 Defence Teaming Centre - Outstanding SME Award, Winner

The Defence Teaming Centre Award is recognition of a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) that has excelled in their engagement with defence industry, to build their capability and capacity to work in defence, and have successfully increased their share of defence work.

  • 2013 Defence Teaming Centre - Innovator Award, Finalist

This award recognises a company who invested in research and development to produce innovative products or services that have contributed to building the capability of the defence industry, including new strategic thinking or improved process.

  • 2013 Process and Control Engineering (PACE) Zenith Award - Automotive and Manufacturing Category Award - Winner
  • 2013 Process and Control Engineering (PACE) Zenith Award - Project of the Year - Winner

These awards were for the Chemring Countermeasures Facility Project. Chemring Australia MD Mark Hender said “Establishing the new countermeasures facility was a major strategic development for Chemring Australia and SAGE were critical to the successful completion of the project. We built a partnership that managed the many challenges to deliver an excellent operational capability, impressing our customers both in Australia and overseas."

Chemring Australia has a 10 year, $160 million contract with the Australian Defence Force to supply aircraft mounted countermeasures designed to draw missile attacks away from the aircraft.  To fulfil this contract, Chemring appointed SAGE Automation to be responsible for the design, development and installation of a new production facility in the regional Victorian town of Lara, where the countermeasures will be manufactured.

Constructed in four stages, this is the first automated countermeasure manufacturing plant constructed in the southern hemisphere.

See a video summary of the project here:

SAGE is tri-certified with international certifying body DQS for Quality, OH&S and Environmental Management Systems, complying with; ISO9001:2000 (Quality Management Systems), AS3000 (Electrical), ISO14001 (Environmental) and AS4801 (OH&S).

Industry Engagement

  • Defence Teaming Centre (DTC)
  • Industry Capability Network (ICN)
  • Defence SA


Paul Johnson, General Manager, Defence