Adelaide’s O-Bahn tunnel officially re-opened this week, after an extensive upgrade that makes it one of the world’s smartest tunnel systems.   

We understand that every person,  role  and site is unique. That's why we customise our platforms and courses, so you gain applicable skills and maximum value out of the time and money you've invested. One of our most recent participants shares his experience with SAGE Training. 

SAGE’s most recent work placement students have topped their classes in their assessments for work on some of the company’s most cutting edge Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) projects.


Yesterday marked a momentous milestone for SAGE – it celebrated more than 20 years of business success and launched its new corporate headquarters and Advanced Manufacturing Facility at the Tonsley Innovation Precinct.

Tonsley Innovation Precinct is set to become the hub for intelligent transport technologies that will change the face of transport as we know it – and SAGE Automation will play a key role.

Existing SAGE Automation clients and broader industry alike are set to benefit from the company’s newly optimised manufacturing facility at the Tonsley Innovation Precinct.

In June 2017, SAGE Automation opened it's second trainng centre in India, in the city of Mumbai.

Student admissions are already in demand and a full range of courses are available.

Using the latest in training platforms from Australia, students are prepared not just to actively participate in the Indian workforce, but to work anywhere in the world.

Students and professionals have been undertaking training at the SAGE training centre in Pune since 2012.

The T2T Project is delivering a number of benefits to the South Australian economy, including jobs creation, improvements in travel times and building lasting infrastructure.

Energy professionals from Pakistan have undergone world-class training in control systems in Adelaide – with the goal of improving the country’s energy sector performance as it experiences rapid economic and population growth. 

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